free online dating sites in India 2020

free online dating sites in India 2020

We all want to know about dating sites, hare we talk about some free online dating sites. Yes, you are right you must find true love at these online dating sites.

You must be looking for love online through online dating sites. You trying and trying to find the love I mean true love which is more satisfaction for you

If you are not able to decide about which dating websites you must sign up or which dating application you should download. You want to test them before subscribe then it’s a great idea to test it first for free. You must be searching for some free dating sites which are free to test the dating platform.

Is free Version is Good 

Top 10 free online dating sites in India 2020

But some free versions of dating sites or applications which may not give you want you to want. So this why you need to know which one is good for finding a date for single men or women. To find love through the best free online dating sites.

We have done the research for you that you can find true love and have compiled a comprehensive list of the best free dating websites and applications. So you will get an idea which one is good and which one it is best suited for you

You must try to always be yourself because this will facilitate. The beginning of a future true love relationship with the person that suits your personality. You must take care of this type of work because you do not come for time waste. 

In India find love through free dating sites is not very easy. Because there are a lot fo froud people are waiting on dating websites. Who is waiting only for money, so you must have to know about this froud people before you sign up for the Free dating sites?

Is Free Online dating sites are safe?

Finding a date through dating websites is safe if you are smart enough. Because of single men try to find a woman for fun or find love through this platform. If you want to serious meetup then it’s ok it’s totally safe and you must get value for the money which you paid for.

Here is the list of 10 Dating sites for why you come for


Tinder is the most popular free online dating sites which is founded in 2012 September. Now It has more than 57 million users all over the world. And more than 5.9 million Tinder users pay for a premium Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. It is used in almost 190 countries and is available in more than 40 languages. Tinder was processing one billion swipes per day by late 2014, which has now risen to 1.6 billion.

Top 10 free online dating sites in India 2020

It essentially a relationship-centered, less meet-up-and-have-sex version of Grindr. On Tinder, both women and men set through FB pictures of the opposite or same-sex. And use filtered before selecting a few goods and best faces from the masses. There’s a short bio, age and mutual friends listed.

Most guys that I know are looking at the cleavage shots images and in the case of a match. And Asking this lady if she requires to meet up and grab a beer. Later a casual date or couple, the expectation is that you’re going to get trounced. Visit Tinder


Skout is one of the first location-based dating Web applications developed, more than 5 million users have signed up for Skout since it launched in 2009 [source: Li]. In May 2010, Skout launched the first iPad app of its kind, revolutionizing dating for the mobile and digital age [source: Katims]. Skout apps are also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as Android phones.

If you think it’s a little creepy to track people around you, you’re probably in the minority. Skout says more than a million messages are sent to its users daily, and the app’s average user spends 40 minutes a day using the service [source: Manninen]. The typical Skout user is in his or her 20s, looking to flirt and have fun rather than have a serious relationship [source: Rosenbloom]. Aside from finding people to hang out with, you can also use the service to find a hot spot in your city or if you’re traveling. For safety reasons, Skout never reveals your exact location or phone number, and you can turn off the location function if you choose [source: Sutter].


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