Festival wishing script free downloads 2020

Festival wishing script free downloads 2020

Do you think to create a website on festival wishing script? Which is mainly focused on every event in India or outside India? you are in right place. I going to share more than 10 wishing script which is a super fast loading script.

So you can easily viral on WhatsApp by sharing your website URL. A lot of new bloggers try to earn money from the blogging platform. But they are not able to get it easily because of the need to follow some steps.

Before sharing this script for blogger or WordPress. I want to say some trick which is useful for bloggers who are using this there festival wishing website. Don’t worry I just want to say what you need for this script to add any type of website.

What is the festival Wishing script?

Nowadays all we know, these times a lot of humans are using WhatsApp, Facebook. These wishing websites are viral on social networks, what happened here, let’s say Diwali is coming and if you want to wish someone, then give him a gift.

But if someone is far from you and you want it, then these festive websites do it all. All you have to do is Create >> Share >> and Win. There is no limit that you can earn as much as you share your link and make it viral.

Wishing Script Variant:

Before we began we want to say you that there are two types of festival wishing script. One is free another one is paid in free version no support will be provided but in the paid version, you’ll get premium support.

If you buy this premium version of the script we’ll provide you technical support like installation or any error. Don’t worry this script is under rs 200

Featured in these scripts:

  • You can Fully Customize this script Like- edit images in this wishing script. You can add any type of image which you want to add with it.
  • lightweight and Super fast loading scripts, These script load in the fiction of second which is great no loading issues
  • In this festival wishing script is totally original so there is no crack no encrypted scripts is used. So you can use it without any tension
  • Share your link through Facebook and WhatsApp ready button to share. So you can easily share your script to the social media
  • These Wishing scripts support Responsive advertisements, and the Twitter meta tag, Facebook meta tag
  • This festival wishing website is Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly so don’t need to worry about the responsive problem
  • this super fast loading script is fully Optimized for high advertising revenue.
  • These are Adsense Ready wishing scripts.

What need for this Event Wishing Script:

We need some special tools and some others things to successes this wishing script website

Price impression advertising

To Earn Money this Festival Wishing website, you need to have a fully approved Google Adsense account. So you can easily place your advertisements and receive money. Or you can use your affiliate marketing ads banner

Important: You need to know one thing that you will never get an approved Google AdSense account using this wishing script website. So first all you need an absence account.

To get a fully approved google absence account You have to design a completely professional blog also it must be approved by Google >> When your blog is approved, you can put your advertisements on the websites of your festival wishes script website.

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Hosting is the most important, You must have a hosting service if you want to use the WordPress platform for this wishing script website. Or you can use a free hosting service for WordPress on infinityfree. If you are using a blogger platform then you don’t need hosting.

Because google provide you a free hosting service for free which is great for blogger user and Also it’s fast then others hosting service because google is always fast so who is using blogger don’t be sad you have advantages but WordPress also has many advantages.

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The domain is most important for this wishing script website. And also you must have chosen a good domain for the website and wait for No need to research keyword for this domain and also no need a professional domain or high-level domain which does not need you can also use a domain which is provided by free from freenom

Social media Network:

The social media network is most important is for this wishing script website. Based on social networks share your festival wishing website go viral. There is some social network for you have to use for viral this script for bloggers.

You can use Whatsapp to share your link for viral on WhatsApp. Used social network to share your website URL. As well as you can also use Facebook as well as twitter to promote your wishing script website.

Benefits of festival wishing script

  • Using this wishing script you can earn up to $1000 – $1500 easily with Adsence advisement
  • You can get a lot of traffic on to your website or domain
  • You can also get a lot of Facebook fan page like for free

Install of script

How to install script in wordpress

login to your cpanel

goto file manager

Then public_html

Now Upload file

select your file


It’s done Now your Script is online

How to install script in blogger.com

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Republic Day wishing script:


 This script is editable. 

 There is documentation inside the script how to put ad code.

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Independence Day Script

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Happy Diwali Script

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Happy Holi Script

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Raksha Bandhan Script

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Happy New Year Wishing Script

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MySelf Kishor Sarkar, I am not yet special, So I just try to give some information to people who are trying to get some help from some specific platform. And I am trying my best to make you happy. Also, I am a website designer if you want to design your website please contact me

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